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the struggle of being really allergic to dairy products but like all your favorite summer treats are dairy products…………


say it ain’t so // weezer

say it ain’t so
your drug is a heartbreaker
say it ain’t so
my love is a life taker

my lovely summer girl.

@lightsySigning a HUGE stack of posters for the preorder bundles. Sorry, wrist! Packages still available at #LittleMachines


Pop Art Nails with MoYou London Pro Collection #10

One more flight till Toronto!! My ladies await. #walletphotos

Just for you, captainjuicypants :)

I won’t rely on anyone anymore.


"Running With the Boys" by Lights from Little Machines!

Glanced down and she had opened this all on her own! LEARNING!!

Hello! I am a new mom, I have nerdy interests, and sometimes I post things about my husband (aka captainjuicypants) and our daughter. If you decide to follow me I hope you like what I post in the future! :)

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