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誰も助けられない by 走失人形 on pixiv

Gave Joel a haircut today and we both dyed out hair back to brown. I’m going to miss my colorful hair, but it’s for the best. Too much maintenance.


seduce me w/ video game soundtracks

@rocketbokan: Wicked little machine!!


Final Fantasy XV Demo Announced! Downloadable voucher to be released with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD!—2618.html



wild ume (by konafoto)


Sculptor & Artist:

Natasha Cousens

"Doe Ray Me"


There are also a million of my cat pieces out in the world, thanks to Painting a Day.


NOW I have more asks in my inbox about how I learned to be arty.

Well, lots of ways. In college I was turned down for art classes, so I taught myself by experimentation, copying works I liked to see how they worked, hanging out on the Wetcanvas forums, and by being a part of the Painting a Day movement* — creating an entire piece of art from start to finish every single day. I did that for years, so there are several hundred Maggie pieces floating around the world now.

Many of them are:

dogs dogs dogs

*I think Duane Keiser was the start of this.


8. #littlemachines #slowdown

The view on our way home today. :) #nofilter

Hello! I am a new mom, I have nerdy interests, and sometimes I post things about my husband (aka captainjuicypants) and our daughter. If you decide to follow me I hope you like what I post in the future! :)

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