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Mars’ Olympus Mons, The Tallest Mountain in our Solars System, as Seen From Orbit

"The real horror in life isn’t monsters, demons or ghosts but us, humans and what we are capable of"

-sixpenceee (via audghosts)


#that’s it #that’s harry potter (via)

Rami Kadi Haute Couture F/W 2012-2013


AAでルミナスしていただきました | -_- [pixiv]


Did you ever just feel so lucky for knowing someone you met online?
Like.. I was one click away from not following you. I was one second away from never even knowing of your existence. 
I would never have been this happy. 

Baby shower today!

2010 sakura (by moyariya)

If your heart stops beating, God rest my soul. Dig this grave for two, can’t live without you.

Staying at my dads for the next few days!


Just Green Nature johnhogandlittlemartin:

I am flower child now. Get over it,… via Tumblr


[ Recovery Blog ]

Hello! I am a new mom, I love reading and video games, I also like Manga and Anime. I post a lot of animal and scenery photos, and sometimes things about my husband (aka captainjuicypants) and our baby. If you decide to follow me I hope you like what I post in the future! :)

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